Wii Glove for Stroke Rehabilitation on the BBC

The project has been featured on BBC East Midlands Today. Interviewed were ISRG team Member Steven Battersby and Nottingham University’s Andy Richardson:

Special thanks to Fred Higton for all his help and partaking in the projects development.

Video courtesy of BBC East Midlands Today, 08/07/2011

Games Suite

Version is now available via the downloads page. This is a complementary release for the 5.5.1 Space Race ground collision fix. Version will allow you to compare the two potential collision solutions via the removal of the ground plane from the collision listings.

Games Suite 5.5.1

Version 5.5.1 is now available via the downloads page. This is primarily a bug fix release that caters for the Space Race ground collision issue discovered last week. The following picture shows that the ground plane has now been added to the collision list.

However whilst functional the solution is not very aesthetically appealing. This could be addressed via two potential solutions:

  • Removal of the plane from collision completely
  • Refactor of the plane to facilitate multiple collision events

I will investigate the performance considerations of both of these solutions and depending on the outcome apply for the next release.

Games Suite 5.5.0

Hi folks, just a quick note to say that version 5.5.0 of the software is now avaliable via the downloads page.

As you can see in the screenshot above I have put in place holders for the new Speed Race game. Other improvements include multi-player selection for up-to four players. Read more

Concept: Speed Racer

Game Description

A simple racing game in which the user competes against their previous performances. The user primarily controls the speed of the car in order to successfully navigate around a predetermined racetrack. Going too fast at a corner results in the car spinning off the track and time penalty.

If multiple users use the game then the best performance is used to provide the ghost performance. The ghost performance acts as a npc (none player character) for the user to race against. Read more

IRO-USB-R4 – The Scorpion

The Infrared Only Universal Serial Bus Rechargeable Glove has finally reached version 4. This version of the glove is now feature complete, offering both fast charge times and solid performance.

The following details some of the primary features that make the IRO-USB-R4 aka The Scorpion stand out for Wiimote IR Tracking development.

Read more

Experts create Nintendo Wii glove to help stroke patients

The clahrc project was featured in nottingham post the other day, under the banner of: Experts create Nintendo Wii glove to help stroke patients.

A direct link to the article can be found here.

The article details a nice photo of Andy demonstrating one of the rechargeable glove prototypes with the CLAHRC project space race game.

The article also provides a little information about the Interactive Technologies and Games: Education, Health and Disability conferance at which the system was featured.


I have now finished a prototype USB chargeable glove.

New features include:

1) LED diffusers to improve detectable orientations of the diodes

2) Rechargeable 3.6V (NiMH) battery. Charge time from empty is 14 hours using the built in mini-USB port.

3) Forward facing individual wire outputs. Should make fitting the glove simpler by making it more obvious which wire goes on which finger.

4) Easy to operate long toggle switch.

Andy (15 Oct 2010)

Sponge Ball Video

Here we have another quick video this time demonstrating the latest implimentation/developments of the Sponge Ball Game:

Space Race Game Video

Here we have another quick video this time demonstrating the latest implimentation/developments of the Space Race Game: