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Wii Glove Environment Prototype One

Here is another quick video, this time detailing collision events and pinching within the XNA environment:

Space Game video on the way

Archery Game Prototype One

At Louise’s request here is a quick demo of an early prototype of the Archery game concept inspired by Wii Sprts Resort.

The game uses WiiGlove P1.2 and the XNA game development framework.

3D Printer Issues

I was informed last night that the installation date of the 3D printer has been overruled, due to a staffing commitment on the 3rd Feb. The next available slot is for install the 17th, due to existing 3rd party commitment.

As such we will not be able to comply with the test date of the 19th. I suggest a 2 week shift to the 3rd of March.

3D Printer Installation

I have had confirmation that the printer install date is to be Feb. 3rd.

With that in mind I would opt for the 19th to allow for a safe period (see how it behaves) to cover any possible issues that might arise with the integration of the electronics etc.