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Games Suite 5.5.1

Version 5.5.1 is now available via the downloads page. This is primarily a bug fix release that caters for the Space Race ground collision issue discovered last week. The following picture shows that the ground plane has now been added to the collision list.

However whilst functional the solution is not very aesthetically appealing. This could be addressed via two potential solutions:

  • Removal of the plane from collision completely
  • Refactor of the plane to facilitate multiple collision events

I will investigate the performance considerations of both of these solutions and depending on the outcome apply for the next release.

Games Suite 5.5.0

Hi folks, just a quick note to say that version 5.5.0 of the software is now avaliable via the downloads page.

As you can see in the screenshot above I have put in place holders for the new Speed Race game. Other improvements include multi-player selection for up-to four players. Read more

Concept: Speed Racer

Game Description

A simple racing game in which the user competes against their previous performances. The user primarily controls the speed of the car in order to successfully navigate around a predetermined racetrack. Going too fast at a corner results in the car spinning off the track and time penalty.

If multiple users use the game then the best performance is used to provide the ghost performance. The ghost performance acts as a npc (none player character) for the user to race against. Read more