Designing Serious Games using the Nintendo Wii Mote Controller for Upper Limb Stoke Rehabilitation.


Given the fact that most current stroke rehabilitation systems employ relatively sophisticated or expensive hardware and software, one question of paramount clinical importance is whether the benefits obtained from these systems can be obtained with less sophisticated affordable systems.

What now needs to be explored is the rehabilitation potential of commonly available computer games. Although commercially available platforms lack specificity in terms of software, hardware and performance metrics they often provide other equally important advantages such as mass acceptability, easily perceived feedback and most importantly affordability for unrestricted home use.


Our solution is the development of a low cost rehabilitation glove using the capacity of the Infrared Receiver on Nintendo’s WiiMote to pick up the signal from four diodes placed at the patient’s fingertips. This compensates for the inability of previous low cost solutions to track fine motor skills. Four diodes per glove are used as it is only possible to track that number of separate Infrared Signals per WiiMote.

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