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Concept: Speed Racer

Game Description

A simple racing game in which the user competes against their previous performances. The user primarily controls the speed of the car in order to successfully navigate around a predetermined racetrack. Going too fast at a corner results in the car spinning off the track and time penalty.

If multiple users use the game then the best performance is used to provide the ghost performance. The ghost performance acts as a npc (none player character) for the user to race against. Read more

Sponge Ball Video

Here we have another quick video this time demonstrating the latest implimentation/developments of the Sponge Ball Game:

Space Race Game Video

Here we have another quick video this time demonstrating the latest implimentation/developments of the Space Race Game:

Balloon Pop Game Videos

Here we have a couple of videos demonstrating the latest implimentation/developments of the Ballon Pop Game:

Easy skill level:

Read more

Glove Prototype TP1

Whilst I have been away the team have decided to rationalize the design of the glove via the removal of the accelerometer and buttons.

This has greatly reduced the both complexity of the glove and its weight etc, however the knock on effect from this is that I will have to re address the current implementation of the tracking lib as it relied heavily on the use of accelerometer data for point filtering etc.

Above are a few images of the new TP1 (Team Prototype One) glove setup.

For those who have seen the glove before, I have rationalized the Velcro loops to reflect the previous iterations of the glove. This acts further enhances the pinching capability.

Primary concerns at this point are the performance of the new systems power source and its overall efficiency.

Wii Glove Environment Prototype One

Here is another quick video, this time detailing collision events and pinching within the XNA environment:

Space Game video on the way

Archery Game Prototype One

At Louise’s request here is a quick demo of an early prototype of the Archery game concept inspired by Wii Sprts Resort.

The game uses WiiGlove P1.2 and the XNA game development framework.

Possible Data Capture Scenario

Penny has provided som initial thoughts and exaple scenarios on the requirements for data capture:

Variables we need for analysis

  1. Total time playing games = sum of all sessions
  2. Distribution of sessions ie how closely they followed recommendation = plot of session frequency and length
  3. We can also look into whether they were improving in their scores, using all games and progressing through levels but this may be descriptive rather than quantitative.

File shows the record for participant number 1 who was allocated to falcon (device 1) group. They logged on first when the therapist was there on 16 March 2010 and started playing first game at level 1. Read more

Ship Game Concept

Description of User Movement

In this concept the Users hand represents a ship moving in 3D space. As the user moves their hand in the XY planes the ship responds accordingly. Rotation of the hand is also used to bank the ship. 

Movement in the Z plane or extension/contraction of the finger span can be used to control ship speed depending upon user ability. Read more

Balloon Grap Concept

Description of User Movement

The user has to move the hand in the X and Y plane to line up with a moving object. The user then has to grab the object via movement in the Z plane and a corresponding pinch action of the correct span to encase the object. Read more