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IRO-USB-R4 – The Scorpion

The Infrared Only Universal Serial Bus Rechargeable Glove has finally reached version 4. This version of the glove is now feature complete, offering both fast charge times and solid performance.

The following details some of the primary features that make the IRO-USB-R4 aka The Scorpion stand out for Wiimote IR Tracking development.

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I have now finished a prototype USB chargeable glove.

New features include:

1) LED diffusers to improve detectable orientations of the diodes

2) Rechargeable 3.6V (NiMH) battery. Charge time from empty is 14 hours using the built in mini-USB port.

3) Forward facing individual wire outputs. Should make fitting the glove simpler by making it more obvious which wire goes on which finger.

4) Easy to operate long toggle switch.

Andy (15 Oct 2010)

Balloon Pop Game Videos

Here we have a couple of videos demonstrating the latest implimentation/developments of the Ballon Pop Game:

Easy skill level:

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Markerless Motion Capture

Here we have another quick video, this time demonstrating Marker-less Motion Capture implemented with the current games as a glove alternative.

The system utilizes tracking via the Open CV library.

CLAHRC Distribution Mechanism

A quick video to demonstrate the CLAHRC Games Installer and a request for required license content logos etc from the team.

As you can see the installer is of the standard windows type and handles all the prerequisites needed in order to run the game.

Glove Prototype TP1

Whilst I have been away the team have decided to rationalize the design of the glove via the removal of the accelerometer and buttons.

This has greatly reduced the both complexity of the glove and its weight etc, however the knock on effect from this is that I will have to re address the current implementation of the tracking lib as it relied heavily on the use of accelerometer data for point filtering etc.

Above are a few images of the new TP1 (Team Prototype One) glove setup.

For those who have seen the glove before, I have rationalized the Velcro loops to reflect the previous iterations of the glove. This acts further enhances the pinching capability.

Primary concerns at this point are the performance of the new systems power source and its overall efficiency.