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Further photos of the kit at home

Further to Steven’s images I thought I should add some at home in a less ‘officey’ room. The monitor in this case is 19″.

Glove and Software in Situ

Andy has informed me that at the meeting last week the project team requested a couple of shots of the Glove and software in situ.

I hope these do the job. If anymore are needed or these are not suitable send me a mail with an outline of requirements and ill take some more etc.

SPAM and improved CAPTCHA

I have addressed all the sites SPAM and have taken precautions to prevent future attacks via the installation of a new and improved CAPTCHA system for both commenting and mail posting.

The above images shows the new system in action. To check it out in real time please try making a comment. Also, please note the audio equivalent for accessibility etc So from now on things should get back to normal

3D Printer Install

The 3D Printer has finally been installed today. I am going to spend the rest of the week finalising the 3D renderings and readying the electronics so we should be ready for a first print and build early next week.

The pictures show the new NTU 3D Printer and our first test print (a workable spanner). This is all very exciting and should enable us to create some very effective Assistive Technology.

Hello world!

As the project is really starting to move now I thought it would be a good idea to create a project website where we can archive our developments and communicate our thoughts.

If you all have any comments/ requirements please just send me a mail at my NTU address and ill look into them etc.