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Concept: Speed Racer

Game Description

A simple racing game in which the user competes against their previous performances. The user primarily controls the speed of the car in order to successfully navigate around a predetermined racetrack. Going too fast at a corner results in the car spinning off the track and time penalty.

If multiple users use the game then the best performance is used to provide the ghost performance. The ghost performance acts as a npc (none player character) for the user to race against. Read more

Wii Glove Environment Prototype One

Here is another quick video, this time detailing collision events and pinching within the XNA environment:

Space Game video on the way

Christmas Review

In our last couple of meetings we reviewed the current game implementations and developed the following additional requirements/components: 

  1. Merging of the games into a singular package for deployment.
    • Currently each is stand alone
  2.  Definition of the Calibration interactions (game 3) to reflect a similar approach as used in WiiFit detailing. These interactions will also enable a wider range of users to utilize the games: Read more

Possible Data Capture Scenario

Penny has provided som initial thoughts and exaple scenarios on the requirements for data capture:

Variables we need for analysis

  1. Total time playing games = sum of all sessions
  2. Distribution of sessions ie how closely they followed recommendation = plot of session frequency and length
  3. We can also look into whether they were improving in their scores, using all games and progressing through levels but this may be descriptive rather than quantitative.

File shows the record for participant number 1 who was allocated to falcon (device 1) group. They logged on first when the therapist was there on 16 March 2010 and started playing first game at level 1. Read more

Balloon Grap Concept

Description of User Movement

The user has to move the hand in the X and Y plane to line up with a moving object. The user then has to grab the object via movement in the Z plane and a corresponding pinch action of the correct span to encase the object. Read more

Peg Test Concept

Description of User Movement

The user has to move the hand in the X and Y plane to line up with a peg. The user then has to move in the Z plane and use a pinching action to grab the peg. The user then has to move in the XY planes in order to reposition the peg in a desired location.

Placement is derived via the release of the pinch action. Read more

Archery Game Concept

I thought it would be a good idea to get a version of the Games Concepts up on line, so here is the first one:

Description of User Movement

User moves hand forward and then uses a pinching action to load an arrow. Force is applied to the arrow either by moving the hand backwards or via the period the pinch is held depending upon the user’s ability.

Once primed, the arrow can be aimed at the target via movement in the X and Y planes. The arrow is fired via the releasing of the pinch. Read more