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IRO-USB-R4 – The Scorpion

The Infrared Only Universal Serial Bus Rechargeable Glove has finally reached version 4. This version of the glove is now feature complete, offering both fast charge times and solid performance.

The following details some of the primary features that make the IRO-USB-R4 aka The Scorpion stand out for Wiimote IR Tracking development.

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Experts create Nintendo Wii glove to help stroke patients

The clahrc project was featured in nottingham post the other day, under the banner of: Experts create Nintendo Wii glove to help stroke patients.

A direct link to the article can be found here.

The article details a nice photo of Andy demonstrating one of the rechargeable glove prototypes with the CLAHRC project space race game.

The article also provides a little information about the Interactive Technologies and Games: Education, Health and Disability conferance at which the system was featured.

Glove and Software in Situ

Andy has informed me that at the meeting last week the project team requested a couple of shots of the Glove and software in situ.

I hope these do the job. If anymore are needed or these are not suitable send me a mail with an outline of requirements and ill take some more etc.

Glove Prototype TP1

Whilst I have been away the team have decided to rationalize the design of the glove via the removal of the accelerometer and buttons.

This has greatly reduced the both complexity of the glove and its weight etc, however the knock on effect from this is that I will have to re address the current implementation of the tracking lib as it relied heavily on the use of accelerometer data for point filtering etc.

Above are a few images of the new TP1 (Team Prototype One) glove setup.

For those who have seen the glove before, I have rationalized the Velcro loops to reflect the previous iterations of the glove. This acts further enhances the pinching capability.

Primary concerns at this point are the performance of the new systems power source and its overall efficiency.

3D Printer Installation

I have had confirmation that the printer install date is to be Feb. 3rd.

With that in mind I would opt for the 19th to allow for a safe period (see how it behaves) to cover any possible issues that might arise with the integration of the electronics etc.